Automotive locksmith Services

Most vehicles today require special chipped keys to be able to start them. It doesn’t matter if you insert a key or push a button to start the vehicle. We are able to cut and program new keys. We also do U.S. models and most European model cars as well. Give Captain Lock and Key a call today for a free estimate.


Duplicate Key Programming

If you have lost one your daily key and now you are using your spare. You should look at getting a new spare before losing them all. As you might know when you lose all of your keys. It becomes more expensive and time consuming to generate a key. We do this by picking and decoding the vehicles ignition. If you already have the spare it helps us because the key when decoded properly provides the biting. So when you are down to your last spare it is a great idea to call a locksmith to get a spare key.

Car Key Programming

Most modern cars come equipped with what is known as an immobilizer. This immobilizer serves as a security feature on modern vehicles. The immobilizer works through communicating with a transponder key using specific radio frequencies. If this proper transponder key is not present then the immobilizer will shut the fuel pump of your car off and make you unable to drive. When the programmed key is inserted it enables the fuel pump to start. That is why you need a special programmed key to drive most modern cars. If you need your car key programmed simply call Captain Lock and Key in Springville today.


Emergency Key

Have you ever been in a situation where your key is visible inside your locked car. Maybe your remote has died and you find out that your key isn’t even cut. Captain Lock and Key locksmiths are able generate a working emergency key for your vehicle. If you are looking to hide a key but you don’t want someone to be able to steal your vehicle. Well we have the option of duplicating a key that does not have a transponder. Making it impossible for someone to find your key and steal your vehicle.

Lost All Keys

If you have lost all the keys to your vehicle, it may be a frustrating experience. Don’t worry call Captain Lock and Key and we will be able to help you get back on schedule. Depending on the make, model and year of the vehicle. The procedure to generate you a new car key may very. Every vehicle have something called a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. Our locksmith technicians have special equipment which can use the VIN of your car to get information to better help make a transponder key such as the kind of transponder, and if your vehicle has a transponder system. With almost any car, it is possible to use different techniques to generate you a working key. The older models requires locksmiths to remove your ignition and cut you a key based on the key code on the ignition. Certain makes and models have the option to remove a door lock, trunk lock, or glove box lock to cut your key using a stamped code on those locks.


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