Car Key Programming

Lately, newer model of vehicles have keys that require special equipment to program properly so that they function right. While this offers a great advantage, it can also create some new scenarios that need to be addressed by a locksmith equipped to program car key.

Springville Car Key Programming Services

At Captain Lock and Key, we are able to handle car key programming for a wide variety of different makes and model of vehicle. This will simplify your life and make it so that you don’t have to worry about getting locked out or having a car that won’t start properly. If you’re dealing with a locksmith situation for a programmable key, you may want to learn more about the wide variety of different scenarios that can come up with these keys. If you have lost all your keys to just looking to get a spare. Give Captain Lock and Key a call today for a free estimate!

Lost all Keys

Lost All Keys

Losing your keys to your vehicle is a very frustrating experience, but it happens to all of us at some point. If you do end up losing your keys, you should contact us for assistance. When you’ve lost your keys, we’ll offer fast response and get you key replacements so that you can get back into your vehicle promptly and be on your way.

We help with situations involving lost keys by decoding your door or ignition cylinder. Then taking the cuts from the lock we cut a new key for you from scratch. To be able to generate a key we’ll have to go where your vehicle is located and program the new key that we have cut if it is a programmable key so that it will work properly.

Some customers are unaware of the fact that they can simply come to us for help with lost keys that are programmable rather than seeking out a new key from their dealer. In fact, we can handle this issue independently in most situations. Please come to us for assistance if you’ve lost all of your keys and need a replacement to be programmed.

Push to start and Proximity keys

Maybe you have called locksmiths and they say they cannot duplicate a proximity key. You have a proximity key when you don’t have to insert a key to start, but you can just start they vehicle by pushing a button. We are able to program almost any make and model of vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you insert a key or push a button. Our skilled locksmith at Captain Lock and Key specialize in doing automotive keys. Call Captain Lock and Key today for a free estimate.

Spare Key Programming

Transponder Key Programming

If you are looking to get a spare made for your vehicle. At Captain Lock and Key, we are able to duplicate keys for owners of vehicles with transponder keys. One thing you need to be aware of is the fact that this type of key will require programming. After this type of key is cut, it also needs to undergo a programming process in order to function properly.

The programming process for a transponder key is no problem for our experienced locksmiths at Captain Lock and Key. The process is made easier if you already have a working and programmed transponder key. However, we can also create original transponder keys if this is what you need.

Let us know what the particular issue that you’re dealing with regarding your transponder key and vehicle and we can help. Those who have any questions about the services we offer when it comes to transponder keys should contact us and we’ll offer advice and instruction on just what you need to do in order to resolve the issue