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When you are needing a reliable commercial locksmith, call Captain Lock and Key. We have trained technicians that are able to serve all your commercial needs. Our company is licensed, and insured to better protect you.

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Our professional locksmith technicians have been trained to install and repair commercial locks, making keys, and rekeying locks for maximum security. Whether you need service for your retail or restaurant location, office building, industrial, or manufacturing facility, we serve all types of businesses, both large and small.

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Commercial Lockouts

A business lockout is probably a greater inconvenience then being locked out of your residence. Your business runs on a strict schedule, which means that every second that you are locked out. Is going to effect your profits for the day, not to mention the mood of your employees. If your the employee maybe you are worried that you might have jeopardized your job do to this simple mistake.

We understand how important this can be, and this is why we have trained locksmith technicians ready to handle your lockout with urgency. We will arrive on site and offer options on the best way to get back in and get you back on schedule.

Maybe you are a small business and have just fired an employee. You might be worried that your employee has copied the key to your business. Most business have basic keys that can be duplicated at Lowes or Home Depot. Making it an emergency situation to make sure that your inventory and money stays safe. That is why most business have their locks rekeyed on a daily basis. If you are looking to get your locks rekeyed, give Captain Lock and Key a call today to discuss options.

Commercial Rekey Services

You might have just started to rent a office space, retail storefront or just purchased a commercial space. The first thing you do is have all the locks rekeyed to secure your brand new commercial space. In some cases you might need to rekey locks to give the piece of mind when a employee leaves.

This is why we offer commercial rekeying services to businesses in Utah county. By using the existing door hardware, we can generate new keys rendering all other outstanding keys ineffective. We can also help by enhancing your security by adding a master key system.


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Master Key Systems

Many different types of businesses use some sort of master key systems. They allow one key to access multiple locks while restricting other keys from unlocking other doors. These systems use two types of keys: the master key and change keys. The master key opens every lock within the system. The charge keys only open the lock they are assigned to.

Often property managers often use master keys to unlock multiple doors and units without having to carry separate keys for every unit. Master key systems work for commercial and residential buildings.

How A Master Key Systems Work

Ever wonder how a mater key system work or what it truly is? Maybe you have a couple of doors that you want employees to access, but you have an office that you only want you to have access to. Well a master key system solves this by making the employee key only work on selected doors but your key will work the office and everything the employee key does. That is a simple master key system making it possible for the business owner to only carry one key.

You can have multiple master key systems in your location. You may want to set up a master key system for each department within the same building or have a master key system for multiple locations. For multiple locations, each site or store manager can have a master key, and employees would need keys for their private offices. You, the owner, will have a master key that works across all your locations.

Benefits Of A Master Key System

  • Master key systems keep you and your managers from needing to carry around multiple keys every day. It’s more convenient when one key can access every location or area you need to visit.
  • You won’t have to sort through keys to find the right one
  • You’ll also save time and money in case an employee forgets a key. Anyone with a master key can open the employee’s office door without needing to make a new key.
  • A master key system gives you piece of mind knowing that your establishment is secure

Fast & Reliable Commercial Rekey Services

Captain Lock and Key is a commercial locksmith in Springville, UT that specializes in generating master key systems for small and large businesses. Call us at (801) 609-8234 to find out how we can create a master key system to reduce the number of keys your business needs.

Push Bar Services and Installation

Von Duprin Bar

What is a crash/push bar door system?

Commercial buildings use standard exit doors as well as emergency doors with push bar systems for safety and security. Using push bars on exit doors prevents access to unauthorized areas of your building by keeping the outside locked.

How do push/crash bar door systems work?

From the inside, a push bar allows you to release the lock upon exiting without having to use a key to secure the door once you’re outside. When installed on panic doors, they set off security or fire alarms in case of emergency.

Why should you consider adding push bars at your business?

  • You’ll have fewer doors to lock and unlock each day. No longer worry about employees forgetting to check and lock every door after your business is closed.
  • Adding security doors with push bar systems can help you save money on your commercial insurance. That’s because it works with your security system, and the more comprehensive your security system is the lower your premiums will be.
  • Push bars work with all types of doors and door hardware. A commercial locksmith can configure a push bar system to work with wood, metal, aluminum, and glass doors.
  • Push bars have many applications including regular exits to emergency exits that sound an alarm.