Ignition Repair and Replacement

Just imagine you insert your key into your car and it is having trouble turning. You think that it can’t get worse but the problem gets worse and worse, until one day you simply can not turn over the key to your vehicle. If this is the case it is possible that your ignition is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Honda Ignition Repair

Ignition Repair

Ever wonder how an ignition works? An ignition works by using a series of springs and wafers. When the correct key is inserted into the ignition the springs and wafers move to the correct levels to be flush with the cylinder, allowing the cylinder to turn. When you insert the correct key this allows you to start your vehicle. Over time these springs and wafers can become damaged and may need to be replaced, or the whole cylinder may need to be replaced altogether.

When your ignition fails it can be frustrating experience. That’s why our locksmiths are experts on diagnosing and fixing your ignition problems. We fix your ignition by removing the ignition from the steering column. From there we are able to fix the wafers and springs inside your ignition. Making your original key to work your ignition again. Contact us today to schedule a time.

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How To prevent ignition Damage

Of course, rather than damaging your ignition in the first place, it is always best to try to prevent it from needing a repair. Our locksmiths at Captain Lock and Key make it our goal to serve our community, which is why we are giving you a few tips to reduce your likelihood of getting in this situation in the first place.

  1. Get Your Keys Duplicated When Worn Down

Oftentimes with customers who need their ignitions repaired, we see that their key is worn down making your ignition to stop working. When your key gets worn down it starts changing the heights of the wafers. When that happens it cause your ignition harder to turn over until you can no longer rotate the ignition. The easiest way to prevent this problem from happing. Is to get a new key cut so it doesn’t cause your ignition to be fixed or repaired.

  1. Keep Your Keychain Light

Oftentimes with customers who need their ignitions repaired, we see that their keychain is extremely heavy. Maybe they have their house keys, business keys, and vehicle keys. The added weight when going to turn over the ignition wears down the springs and pins over time and may cause damage to the internal components of the ignition.