Residential Locksmith In Springville

It doesn’t matter if you need your locks rekeyed or you are updating them. Captain Lock and Key is ready to help. We offer a wide range of services so that we can be your one stop locksmith. For all of your needs when it comes to locks, keys, and security features for your home. We’re able to respond in both emergency and non-emergency situations. Usually we can arrive within 30 minutes to assist you. A fast response is essential when you call a locksmith, and we know how important this is.

Broken Key Extraction

You might need to take advantage of our residential key extraction service if you have a key that got stuck in the lock after breaking off. Our locksmith technicians at Captain Lock and Key have experience to deal with situations where customers have key extraction needs. We understand how frustrating having a broken key inside your lock because it often means that a locked door cannot be opened. A lot of customers get so frustrated that they try to extract the key themselves. However, we recommend that customers give us a call before trying to perform any work themselves. You may end up damaging your door or lock if you try to extract a broken key yourself.

The important that you should remember if you’re dealing with a broken key situation is not to panic. For our professional’s locksmiths at Captain Lock and Key, residential key extraction jobs are a common, daily occurrence. Our locksmiths know exactly how to handle this situation. All you have to do is call us up and we will be on the job for you to fix your lock and, if necessary, get you a new key to replace the broken one. Remember that we get to the site quickly in the event of an emergency. Just sit tight and we’ll be there quickly to deal with your key extraction issue.


residential Lock Installation and Repair

Our technicians are trained in installing locks for your home. It doesn’t matter if you want to change out an old door knob or deadbolt, or wish to have a fresh installation performed on your door, you can call Captain Lock and Key today! A fresh installation is one where you would have to drill a hole in the door where there isn’t currently one. We install normal locks, high security locks, as well as pick proof and bump proof locks. Our locksmith technicians are experts and can advise you on what the best option is for you based on your needs. Maybe you have a lock that is sticking or a latch that doesn’t work all the time. Don’t worry our locksmith technicians are trained to handle almost every type of situation. If your locks are not working properly and are beyond the point of repair, or simply want an upgrade on your existing locks, you can call us today for a free estimate.

Residential Rekey Services

There are lots of reasons why a homeowner might want to have a lock rekeyed. Rekeying your locks are necessary because it ensures that no one will be able to break into your home easily. Maybe you have lost a key or moved into a new home, getting your home rekeyed is a good idea because, if you don’t do it, there could be keys out there to you home. This is why we offer residential rekey services to meet all your needs and prevent unauthorized intruders from entering your home through the front door.

Maybe you feel like rekeying a home is a big job, but we are very experienced with rekeying locks and we can do this quickly and efficiently. We are able to perform a rekey on almost any type of lock out there. The process can be a little different to rekey the lock depending on they type, but our experienced locksmiths can handle anything. You may have a deadbolt, doorknob, or screen door lock that needs to be rekeyed. In fact, in most house’s it will be necessary to rekey many different doors and lock types at the same time. You can rest assured that we have all the tools necessary to handle your house rekey job.